Sweet Roses


The perfect solution for teething babies, especially little ones, who can’t keep hold of a teether. With multiple teething surfaces to relieve sore gums, theses mittens protect babies from chewing on their hand, prevents gagging and keeps them safe from scratching themselves with their fingernails. Specifically designed with an ergonomic tapered shape to fit baby’s tiny mouth and the soft Velco strap and sewn-in elastic around the wrist keeps the mitten on baby’s hand. 

  • Food grade silicone teether 
  • Soft absorbent microfiber polyester outside 
  • Breathable mesh polyester inside 
  • Ages 3 months + 
  • Set includes two mittens and one laundry (travel) mesh bag
Place the product in a mesh bag when washing in a washing machine (warm water only) as the clip can get caught. Regularly clean the clip and ribbon with warm water and mild cleaning agent. Rinse thoroughly. DO NOT boil, bleach, steam or microwave sterilize.

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