Social + Environmental Commitment

Shop to Donate
Purchasing a Silicone Feeding Bib set goes further than you may know. With our Shop to Donate campaign every time you buy a Silicone Feeding Bib set, we donate a portion of the proceeds to an amazing nonprofit, Action for Healthy Kids.

Action for Healthy Kids   
Action for Healthy Kids work towards children’s overall health including nutrition, physical education and improved environments. These areas directly improve a child’s focus and learning, lowers the risk of disease, improves emotional health, and the overall quality of life. Another plus is that they do all this by getting the community involved; through awareness-building and strategic outreach they empower schools and families to take action for change. Their healthy school champions include over 140,000 people and 50,000 schools nationwide. Find out more or get your local school involved HERE.

Action for Healthy Kids

Why We Give Back
As a couple who enjoys and sees the benefit of eating healthy, exercising and meditating, Action for Healthy Kids, stood out to us. We believe in their holistic approach to children's health. And yes, we did our homework, their score for overall performance is a 95.47% as reported by Charity Navigator, which is pretty dam good. So, now that you have all the facts, let’s improve children’s healthy together, Shop to Donate!

At Stadela we are doing our part to minimize our impact on the environment so our children can inherit a world with less waste. With our Silicone Feeding Bibs we made a conscious effort to use sustainable materials in the product and packaging. Our Silicone Feeding Bib sets are made of 100% Food Grade Silicone and are BPA, PVC, plastic free and toxin free. Being a sustainable material silicone can be recycled, but only at specific facilities only. Please check out our Take-Back Program to properly recycle your bibs and receive 10% off your next order.

The packaging is composed of a simple paper hanger which uses less material than a box and can be easily recyclable.

Our Take-Back Program
Although silicone is a sustainable material, it does have to be properly recycled through specialized recycling centers. Please note your typical city recycling does not recycle silicone! So, as part of our environmental commitment we are offering our Take-Back Program. Please send us your beloved used bibs and we will make sure it gets properly recycled and you will receive 10% off your next order at (5% off each individual bib returned to us to be recycled). Please contact us at to start this process.