Environmental Commitment

At Stadela we believe we are all connected through the earth and our actions. So, we made a conscious effort to use sustainable materials in our product and packaging and to reduce our environmental impact by offering a Take-Back Program and Carbon Free Shipping.  

Did You Know Silicone is a Recyclable Material?

It's true, besides having so much other great qualities (like being flexible, durable, hygienic, bacteria resistant, hypoallergenic, odor and temperature resistant) silicone is also recyclable. The only downside is that not every facility recycles it. For instance, your typical city recycling doesn't recycle silicone! In fact, when we did our research, we found it difficult to find recycling facilitates that would accept silicone in "small" quantities but don’t worry we came up with a solution.  

Take-Back Program

To make it easier on our customers and to ensure our bibs get properly recycled we are offering a Take-Back Program. Please send us your beloved used bibs and we will recycle it for you and you'll receive 10% off your next order at Stadela.com (that's 10% off for each set that is returned to be recycled). Please mail the bibs to 24451 Alta Vista Dr. Dana Point, Ca 92629.  

Carbon Free Shipment

We’re excited to offer carbon free shipment through Cloverly at checkout. When you chose carbon free shipment the emissions created from your particular shipment are calculated and you’re given the opportunity to compensate for those emissions through carbon offsets. We hope you chose this type of shipment.  

Recyclable Packaging

The packaging is made from a simple paper hanger. We chose this type of packaging because it used the least amount of material and can easily be shipped. We please ask you to recycle the paper packaging.