Environmental Commitment

At Stadela we believe we all have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact so that we can preserve the earth for our little ones and the next generation to come.

Silicone has amazing properties like being flexible, durable, hygienic, bacteria resistant, hypoallergenic, odor and temperature resistant. It also has such a long life and can typically be used again and again for years. No wonder why silicone is a great material for baby products and other household items. One downside, we found, was that it is very difficult for consumers to recycle it, unless they gift it to another person, as residential curbside recycling dose not accept it, specialized facilities are hard to find and mail out recycling services are pricy for individuals. For all these reasons we knew it was important to created a Take-Back Program to make it easier and cheaper for customers to recycle their used Stadela silicone bibs.

The Take-Program is where you send us your beloved used bibs and we recycle it for you. As far as we know, this is the most cost effect way for our customers to recycle their used bibs plus you will be assured your bibs will be recycled properly and you will have the added benefit that you are doing your part. Plus, as an added incentive, you will receive 10% off your next order at stadela.com for every used bib you send back to us to be recycled.

Mail your used Stadela bibs to 24451 Alta Vista Drive #4 Dana Point CA 92629. Include your name and email address so we can email a 10% off discount code. Thank you in advance.

Carbon Free Shipment - We are excited to offer carbon free shipment through Cloverly at checkout. When you choose carbon free shipment the emissions created from your particular shipment are calculated and you’re given the opportunity to compensate for those emissions through carbon offsets. We encourage you chose this type of shipment.  

Recyclable Packaging - Our packaging is made from a simple paper hanger. We chose this type of packaging because it uses the least amount of material and can easily be shipped. We kindly ask you to recycle it.

Reused Brown Shipping Boxes - We make sure to reuse all our large brown shipping boxes when shipping large orders and we encourage you to do to the same.