At Stadela we not only want to create baby accessories that are stylish and durable but we also want to reduce our environmental impact so our children can inherit a world with less waste.

Product Material
With great characteristics like being flexible, durable, hygienic, bacteria resistant, hypoallergenic, oder and temperature resistant, silicone is becoming a popular material for baby products and is an ideal material or our bibs. Our silicone feeding bibs are made of 100% food grade silicone and are BPA, PVC, plastic free and toxin free. Although silicone is a sustainable material, it does have to be properly recycled through specialized recycling centers only. Please note, your typical city recycling does not recycle silicone! So, as part of our environmental commitment we are offering our Take-Back Program.

Take-Back Program
To ensure our bibs get properly recycled and to make it easier on our customers we are offering a Take-Back Program. Please send us your beloved used bibs and we will get it to where it needs to go to be recycled and you'll get 10% off your next order at (that's 10% off for each bib set that is returned to us to be recycled). Please contact us at to start the process.

Packaging Material
The packaging is composed of a simple paper hanger which uses less material than a box and can be easily recyclable. We kindly ask you to recycle it.